Cleaning your car can be easy, or it can turn into a nightmare. It’s important to have a high attention to detail on the finer parts of your car. But fear not, we’re to tell you how to wash your car without making the easy mistakes.

1. Wrong Order – Don’t Work Against Yourself

The order in which you wash your car is important. We are not talking about cleaning the inside vs. the outside, but rather the exact right place to start when washing your car. One particular thing to note,  in order to keep the wheel grime from getting all over the rims and wheel well ledges, it’s recommended that apply a special brake dust remover to eat away the road grime on the car. Once the tires and rims have been shined, then you want to turn your focus to gently cleaning the exterior body. After a hand wash on the exterior of your car, you’ll wash the windows to eliminate any water spots. Following the windows, you should dress the plastic and rubber moldings. You could also follow the exterior hand wash with one of many wax options.

2. Poor Washing Patterns – Pay Attention to What You Are Washing

Think about where the most dirt on your car comes from. Consider it like washing your own body. You wouldn’t start with your feet and then use the same soap to wash your face. The same goes for your vehicle. Start from the top and wash downward. You’ll want to frequently rotate in clean towels to avoid smearing dirt or rubbing debris into your paint.

3. Wrong Chemicals – Buy Appropriate Cleaners, Waxes, and Treatments

Dish soaps and household chemicals tend to oxidize the paint job, strip the clear coat, and make the paint dull looking. This also leaves the paint, rubber, and metal surfaces unprotected against moisture, road grime, and debris. You’ll want to focus your efforts on car wash approved products, at NuWash we recommend using plant-based, eco-friendly products that provide a phenomenal clean to your car and ensure your paints health.

4. Not Understanding Your Car’s Makeup – KNow What Your Vehicle Is Made of Inside and Out

Your vehicle’s body is made from many different types of materials. You may want to wash these with separate treatments depending on what those materials are. This is particularly important when dealing with black plastics, new paint jobs, and glass. The interior of the vehicle is also sensitive to using the wrong cleaning products. Leather and cloth can be particularly unforgiving when treated with something abrasive or too harsh – be careful.

5. Time of Day – Avoid the Sun and Conserve Water

Washing your vehicle in the sun or in the heat can cause the cleaning product to dry before you’re able to wash it off. If you do find yourself washing your car in the sun, make sure to work panel by panel to ensure a quality car wash. This will also help you to not overuse too much water and keep water spots to a minimum. If possible, we recommend washing your car early in the morning, before 10 AM, or in the afternoons after 4 PM. Alternatively, you could wash your vehicle in your garage, carport, or another shaded area.

6. Clean Towels and Water – Pay Attention to Tools

You can do more harm than good if your tools or soapy water are filthy. Continuously clean your rags, sponges, and brushes. Dirt and grime with scratch and smear other areas that might otherwise be clean already. There is a point in which your tools will no longer actually be removing dirt and grime, and you want to wash them before they get that dirty. The condition of your water will also need to be checked. Dirty water is not going to clean your tools off, and the soap or cleaning solution may not be able to perform like it should.

7. Have the Right Tools – Make or Invest In the Proper Equipment to Wash Your Car

You don’t want to do a poor job washing your car because you’re ill-equipped. You’ll want to focus on having the right tools to wash your car. This may include fresh micro-fiber towels, special cleaning tools for rims, and detailing brushes and sticks to get get the finer areas of your car. In order to clean the most intricate spots of your car, you’ll want to look into purchasing a detailing toolkit.  If you don’t want to wash your car yourself, use NuWash. You can always rely on technicians from NuWash to use the proper equipment to wash your car to perfection.

8. Drying – Avoid Watermarks and Unnecessary Damage

Water spots can ruin your hard, you’ll want to know how to remove water spots before you consider your car wash complete. However, you’ll need to be careful not to dry rub your paint to roughly or you’ll be at risk of scratching your paint. The key to drying your car in a safe manner is using minimal physical contact and before the sun dries the water for you. Drying your vehicle can be done in several ways, and you will want to decide what works best for you. Often people use air blowers, chamois, microfiber towels, or other soft options that are very absorbent. Alternatively, you can use deionized, pure water and allow the car to air dry once the exterior has been entirely cleaned.

9. Waxing – Not Too Much, Not Too Little

There are a few considerations to make when waxing your car. First and foremost, you need to have a fully cleaned car before you’re able to apply wax. The most common mistake when waxing a car is that people use too much wax or apply too many layers. On the flip side, you can apply too little wax and the car will be inconsistently polished. If you’re waxing your own car, pay special attention to the directions on your particular wax product. The product should describe how the wax should be applied.  It’s almost important to apply wax at the right temperature, preferably not in direct sunlight. Lastly, ensure that your applicator has an entirely clean surface. At NuWash, your technician can apply one of three different wax options; a spray wax, hand wax, and clay bar polish.

10. Carpets – Take Your Time

Carpets can be hard to clean because the dirt and grease on the bottom of your shoes get tracked and rubbed in. Often, people make the mistake of using harsh chemicals to try to remove these stains, or not taking the time to rinse their soap out. This, in turn, can harm the carpet, and cause the interior to attract more dirt and grime. Cleaning carpets is a long process, and to do it right you must take the time to wash, rinse, and dry it properly.

If you want to clean your carpet yourself, you can trust a professional technician from NuWash to take care of your carpet cleaning. If you’re in the Austin or Dallas areas and you’re tired of trying to keep your vehicle clean, let our expert mobile car wash techs take care of everything from the wash to the detail. 

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