Consistent washes will help keep your car looking as pristine as the day you drove it off the showroom floor. But juggling work, family life and other interests makes it a challenge to take your vehicle to a traditional car wash every other week or grab a hose and bucket yourself on a Saturday morning. This is where more efficient car wash methodologies can become a game changer for anyone who wants to save time while getting the results they need.

However, not all options are created equally. Keep reading to learn the differences between a spray on car wash and a waterless car wash service.

What is a Spray On Car Wash?

Some detailers recommend a spray on car wash as a quick “in between washes” solution for cars that only have a light layer of dirt or dust. However, because spray on car wash products are not diluted with water, using this methodology can be quite risky.

While some marketers say that the sprays will adhere to the panel of your vehicle to break up road grime, many of these products actually cling to the cloth you’re using and create swirls in the paint or light scratching. Others recommend rinsing off any particles of dirt from your car prior to using a car wash spray which defeats the whole purpose of this methodology to begin with.

How Does a Waterless Car Wash Service Work?

The terms spray on car wash and waterless car wash are often used interchangeably, but the two are vastly different concepts. Waterless actually refers to a car wash option that uses less water and not necessarily no water as in the case of a spray on car wash. Overall, waterless car washing utilizes a fraction of the amount of water required for a regular car wash.

For instance, at NuWash, we’ve determined that 40-60 ounces of water/product (less than half a gallon of water) is the ideal amount needed to properly clean the entire exterior of a car. How does the process work? First, the technician will fully saturate the car with the polymer and water mixture so that every panel is completely covered. Then, he or she will use clean microfiber towels to hand wash the entire vehicle to restore its natural shine.

As you might have gathered, both waterless and spray on car washes are viewed as eco-friendly because they ensure that there will be absolutely no water run-off on the ground. However, only one option will give you peace of mind that your car will be damage free and that is a waterless or low water car wash.

Next Steps

If you’ve been researching the most efficient way to preserve the value of your vehicle through consistent car washes, then we hope you’re convinced that low water is the way to go. Ready to save time with a high-quality hand wash whether you are parked at your office, apartment, or home? Then request your personalized car wash service from NuWash today.

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