When was the last time you weighed your car wash options or thought about getting the best wash for the best price? Keeping your vehicle clean not only makes it look better and instills a sense of pride, but it actually helps protect the paint and clear coat. There are many options when it comes to washing your vehicle, and you are bound to try several of them eventually. Consider the following tips and tricks next time you start thinking about getting your car, truck, or SUV washed.

Car Wash Services Vs. Price

Value is huge in the automotive world regardless if you are buying, renting, repairing, or simply washing your vehicle. Always weigh the options you have, and consider what you are getting for the price. Do you have to do the work yourself? Is someone going to wash it for you, or is this an automated machine doing all of the work that may miss spots or cause damage? Are there packages that allow you to get exactly what you want, or do you have to purchase treatments that you are not interested in? Part of getting the best value is getting what you want. Secondly, you need to be able to get exactly what you want to be done to your vehicle for a price you can honestly agree with.

Consider the Soap

There are a large number of soaps, waxes, interior wipes and finishes, air fresheners, and other chemical products that you can put on the vehicle to improve its visual appeal. You want to choose a car wash option that uses soaps, waxes, and other treatments that meet your standards. This may mean an interior finish that doesn’t leave a residue or an exterior wash product that is eco-friendly.

Car Wash Options

Not everyone drives similar vehicles or has the exact same car washing needs. Choose a car wash that has the options you want. Some car makes and models may need a thorough detailing inside and out to be show ready. Other trucks and SUVs may need the removal of mud and road debris more so than a dusting on the inside. Be sure that your car wash is able to accommodate your exact needs.

Time and Convenience

Part of the hassle of regularly cleaning your vehicle is having to make time and go out of your way to do it. Drive through car washes have become incredibly popular for this reason. While drive-through car washes will take a layer of dirt off of your paint, they do not often offer quality washes and detail oriented options, and can sometimes damage your car’s paint job. A quick run through may be all your vehicle needs, but there is a tendency for the machines and helpers involved to miss spots when mass washing so many vehicles per day. There may also be an inconvenience in the location once you find a car wash that you like. However, new mobile car washing options give you your time back and are incredibly convenient, because the car wash comes to you.


NuWash mobile car wash is the highly rated detailing service, now offering services in Dallas and Austin. Your personal technician comes to you, wherever you are, and washes and details your car right where it is parked. You will receive real-time updates about when your technician will be by to clean the vehicle. You’re in full control of the services you are getting that day via your online Member Profile. When considering options for your next car wash, think convenience, value, and options. Think NuWash.


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