If you live, work and commute in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, your car takes a lot of abuse from the road and airborne pollutants. Keeping your car’s exterior protected and interior clean will help retain its value and lifespan. While you don’t need to detail your car very often, you should do it at least twice per year (Before and after winter). If you’ve never received a detail or you’re new to the Dallas area, we’ve listed five ways to locate the best car detailer near you.

1. Check Their Online Detailing Reviews

Online reviews are a great way to quickly scope out the Dallas car detailing space. Head over to Yelp or Google to learn more about their past services and how long they’ve been in business. It’s even as simple as searching “What’s the best car detailing near me?” on Google. Keep in mind that not all businesses will receive 5-star reviews across the board — read through some of the lower star reviews (if applicable) to see exactly what occurred. Sometimes people are frustrated that a company can’t fit their vehicle into the schedule and will resort to low ratings online. That being said, if there are numerous complaints after a car was detailed, it might be best to move along to another car detailing company.

2. Find Out What Detailing Products They Use

Knowing the products that will be used on your vehicle helps you establish some knowledge into the whole process. Do they use the same towels across the entire process? If they do (which any good detailer won’t), move right onto the next option. Are they eco-friendly? Some people sensitive to scents and chemicals. There are quite a few eco-friendly detailing products on the market that skip the need for harsh chemicals and gently clean.

3. Where Are They Located?

When it comes to having your car detailed, you have two options: driving to a brick and mortar detailing location or scheduling mobile service at your office, home or apartment. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is enormous and some car detailers cannot or will not trek across the city, even if they offer mobile detailing services. Both options have their own pros and cons, but the right detailer for you is one that fits your needs and schedule. Mobile detailers can provide the same level of service up until you need something like a paint correction or other specialized detailing need.

4. Check Their Pricing & Detailing Packages

Once you’ve figured out your top Dallas detailers, compare their pricing packages. Full-service car detailing typically runs between $100 to $200, depending on the company and their setup. Higher-priced details may be worth it if the shop specializes in top-notch, high-detail services. The best way to check and see if a detailer is worth the money is by checking out their past work and reading their online reviews.

5. Do They Carry Insurance?

Whether you drive a Honda or a Ferrari, if you’re getting it detailed, you expect to receive a car back in better condition than you brought it. Ask for proof of insurance from your prospective car detailing crew to confirm that they’ll be able to take care of you if any type of issue were to arise.

Let NuWash Take Care of Your Dallas Car Detailing Needs

Here at NuWash, we’ve been in the business of keeping cars clean on location for the past three years. Our local Dallas car detailing technicians are some of the best in the business and our online reviews prove that. Head over to our Dallas car detailing page to learn more and schedule a detail at your office, home or apartment with just a couple clicks.

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