Anyone who takes their dogs on the road knows that their furry friends come with a price, pet hair in the car. It accumulates on the seat backs, cushions, headrests, carpets, and even clings to the door panels. Removing pet hair takes time and patience, and is much easier when you have the right tools. The best car washes have strong vacuums and special attachments designed to remove stubborn hair. Many people simply don’t have easy access to the right tools to effectively clean pet hair from your car. Highlighted below are some of the best methods you can use to remove pet hair.

1. Rubber Gloves

A simple pair of rubber gloves can be a great way to gather and remove pet hair. This method often works best when a small amount of water is sprayed on the hair to make it stick to the rubber more efficiently. Rub the gloves over the surface covered in hair, and watch the hair collect in a pile and stick to itself.

2. Squeegee

A rubber squeegee will work very similarly to the rubber gloves. You may have more success using a smaller squeegee that can be maneuvered more appropriately around the interior. Again, a spray of water may help the squeegee collect the hair so you can remove it.

3. Pumice Stone

A pumice stone can be use in all types of ways, including to help you remove hair from your interior. Be easy with these, because you can damage your carpet or seats with them if you are not careful. Rub the pumice stone gently over your hair covered surface and the hair will want to stick to the rough surface of the stone.

4. Vacuum with a Brush

A vacuum with a brush and hand-held tool will get a majority of the hair off of your interior. While it may not clean as deep as the industrial vacuums, a good vacuum will remove most of the hair from your car. If hair has accumulated excessively, you may want to try one of the removal techniques above first, and then finish off with your vacuum.

5. Reusable Lint Roller

Lint rollers are a tried and true means to cleaning hair off of almost anything, including your car. In the last decade, lint rollers have come a long way and are now reusable. While traditional sticky paper lint rollers will also work, a washable or reusable type of lint roller creates less waste. They are also typically quick to clean and may be easier to use than paper lint rollers.

6. Grooming Supplies

Many of the grooming tools you use on your dog can also be used on your interior. This may include grooming brushes or de-shedding gloves. There are a lot of simple products available similar to brushes or shedding gloves that can be purchased at your nearest pet store. Find one that looks like it will be appropriate and safe on your car’s interior materials.

7. Velcro

Velcro is similar to using tape to remove hair from your vehicle. However, it can be a dreadfully slow process, you may be better of using one of the previously listed methods. However, using velcro to remove pet hair is less wasteful than using tape. You can use velcro straps found on wires, velcro curlers, or other similar velcro products.

Dog hair can be a real pain for you and anyone who has to ride with you. Keeping the pet hair under control with regular interior cleanings is the best way to minimize how much effort you have to put into this process each time. If you need help getting your car ready to hit the road this summer, call your local mobile car cleaning experts. NuWash is revolutionizing how you keep your car clean. They can remove pet hair from your vehicle while you’re at work, home, or parked anywhere around town. Go online today to learn more about NuWash and their services offered in and around Austin and Dallas.


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